Dental Technology at Dastrup Dental

Dr. Joseph Dastrup stays on top of the latest developments in dentistry to provide advanced dental care services in the Davidson community. Modern technology helps us have more accurate, comfortable, and precise dental care treatments.

Here are some of the technologies we use to give you the best dental care and a modern dental experience.

Intraoral Cameras

We use intraoral cameras to show our patients  any oral cavities. It helps them have a visual and gain a deeper understanding of their dental condition. Thus, helping them make better decisions for their treatment options.

An intraoral camera is a small handheld digital camera that can take a high-resolution image of your teeth or an area of your mouth. We can send these images to insurance companies who request more information about a patient’s dental procedure. We store them in the patient’s digital chart for future comparisons.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Dastrup Dental cares for patients who have dental anxiety. We strive to keep a positive environment and provide extra care to make them feel comfortable during their dental treatments. We also use the help of nitrous oxide sedation for patients who find it hard to manage their dental fear during dental treatment.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is a sedative inhaled through a small mask that fits your nose. It takes effect immediately and a safe form of sedation appropriate for most patients, even for kids.

The sedative loses its effect within a few minutes after your dental procedure. Therefore, you will no longer deal with driving restrictions or drowsiness post-treatment.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital Dental X-rays only uses a small amount of radiation to get a picture of your tooth. It emits 80% less radiation than the traditional dental X-rays. It also provides us with a high-resolution digital image of your oral cavity.  

Dr. Dastrup and our team of dental professionals find it easier to have an early diagnosis of certain dental conditions. The earlier we can detect a problem, the easier it is to treat and prevent further damage to the tooth.

TNN Technique - Advanced Numbing Techniques

The TuttleNumbNow Technique of delivering anesthetic allows our patients to enjoy pain-free dentistry without numbing the whole mouth. Dr. Dastrup only numbs the exact location where the treatment applies. Thus, no more pain and less fat-lip feeling for our patients who need extra help with pain management.

Experience the comfort and efficiency of modern dentistry with the top-rated family dentist in Davidson. See for yourself by scheduling an appointment now. We let technology work for us in producing high-quality dental treatments and changing smiles for better lives.

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