Root Canal Treatment in Davidson

Contrary to what you might have heard, root canals do not have to be painful. Dr. Dastrup has years of experience providing root canal therapy for patients that actually relieves pain and feels similar to a filling.

The pain associated with root canal treatment comes from the symptoms, not the treatment itself. 

Root Canal Treatment in Davidson NC
Why Patients Sometimes Need Root Canal Therapy

It’s called a root canal because within the root of your tooth is a canal where tissue resides while helping the tooth to grow. If this becomes diseased or inflamed, it hurts. Infection inside your tooth can develop because of decay, periodontal disease, or repeated trauma from clenching and grinding. Sometimes, infection seems to occur out of the blue. Whatever the cause, we will provide you with relief!



Root canal therapy is often the only way to save your tooth from an extraction. Extracting a tooth is not a decision to take lightly because losing teeth causes bone loss and allows your remaining teeth to shift. The combination of a root canal and proper restoration is often more affordable than replacing a missing tooth.

Root Canal in Davidson NC
Symptoms indicating the need for a root canal usually include pain, swelling, or sensitivity. Discoloration and a small pimple on your gums may also appear.

Root Canal Treatment

After taking an x-ray and performing a few simple tests, Dr. Dastrup will determine whether a root canal is the proper approach to your treatment.

Dr. Dastrup will completely numb your tooth prior to getting started. He uses small cleaners to clean out the canals and restore your oral health. This provides relief from symptoms and makes it possible for your body to heal. The procedure should feel no different than a simple filling.



Root Canal Aftercare

You may experience some residual sensitivity during the healing process, but this should improve every day until you feel like yourself again. If you need additional relief, an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication, such as ibuprofen, will help.

Because you no longer have a nerve or blood supply to your tooth, it may become more brittle. A restoration, such as a dental crown, will give you the added stability your tooth needs to avoid damage from chewing.

Root canal therapy saves teeth! We pride ourselves in comfortable care that protects our patients’ smiles.

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Don’t wait! Time is of the essence when it comes to root canal therapy.

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