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Ultimately, Dr. Dastrup’s goal is to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible. In most cases, this is the best way to protect your oral health and smile.

Sometimes, however, a tooth may have severe damage, infection, or decay, and the best way to protect your health may be to remove the problem tooth.

Dr. Dastrup has performed thousands of dental extractions right here in our Davidson, NC dental office. In most cases, you will not need a referral to a specialist.

We never recommend an extraction unless you can benefit from the results. Dr. Dastrup will also recommend tooth-replacement options to restore your smile so you can still enjoy all the foods you love.

When Extractions Become Necessary

Teeth are generally pretty tough because they are protected with the hardest substance in your body – enamel. Decay, fractures, infection, advanced gum disease, and accidents can all put your teeth at risk.

In many cases, we can restore your tooth with a dental crown, and sometimes a root canal, but if it is too damaged and negatively impacting your other teeth, an extraction may be best.

We also remove symptomatic wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth often become impacted, meaning they can not emerge fully out of the gums due to your molars or because you simply do not have enough room at the back of your mouth. Impaction may be painful, pressing against your other teeth and causing your bite to shift. 


Dental extractions do not have to be a painful experience. While some patients do experience swelling or discomfort after surgery, in most cases, over-the-counter pain medication will do the trick. Dr. Dastrup has performed hundreds of dental extractions, giving patients relief from a troublesome tooth.

Recovering after an Extraction

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It is important to avoid smoking cigarettes or drinking out of a straw while you heal. The sucking motion can dislodge essential healing tissue, leaving you with a painful dry socket. You should also avoid chewing in the location where you had your surgery to protect it and keep it free from food debris. Rinsing with warm water can help keep the area clean.

Fortunately, oral tissue heals quickly, and you will feel like yourself within a week or so.

Tooth-Replacement Solutions

At Dastrup Dental, we offer a full range of tooth-replacement options:

  • Dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Dental bridges
  • Dental implants
  • Implant-retained dentures

We believe that patients should have choices. Dr. Dastrup will go over all your options and help you make a decision that works best for you.

Call Us for an Evaluation

Whether you suspect you need an extraction or you have tooth pain and want answers, we are here to help. We treat dental emergencies on the same day, when possible, and offer conservative treatment options with high-quality, no-pressure dentistry.

Don’t put up with pain. Give us a call today!

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