Dentures in Davidson

When it comes to dentures, many of our patients often recall their grandparent’s dentures magnified in a glass of water. This memory got stuck and became a taboo that prevented them from considering dentures as a viable teeth-replacement solution. 

Dastrup Dental in Davidson hopes to change this denture stigma. We believe that dentures are not something to be shy about and they provide a lot of benefits, both in health and aesthetics. It is estimated that about 90% of 40 million Americans who have missing teeth chose dentures to restore their smile. 

Dentures are the fastest and most affordable teeth-replacement solution to restore your joy in eating, smiling, and talking with confidence

Aesthetic Denture Restores Your Beautiful Smile

Thanks to advancements in dentistry, dentures today are more realistic, natural-looking, and designed for your needs. We design them based on our patient’s features so they will blend naturally with their face.  

Our Dastrup team prioritizes the comfort and function of the dentures we make for our patients. Aside from restoring your ability to smile, they also: 

  • Play a big role in maintaining your overall health  
  • Keep your facial structure intact 
  • Help you bid goodbye to your soft-diet and say hello to the healthy foods you’ve been missing 

Partial Dentures Completes Your Smile

When you still have healthy natural teeth, Dr. Dastrup can use them to anchor a partial denture to fill the gap in your smile. In the case of partial dentures, we strive to match its appearance to your natural teeth so that your smile blends aesthetically with your face. Partial denture options include:

  • Base – lightweight pink resin 
  • Durable metal
  • Flexible bases

Dr. Dastrup and our dental team will discuss these options with you during your appointment. We will help you decide which type will give you the best results based on your preference, oral health status, and lifestyle.




Experience Comfort With Full Dentures

Making dentures perfect for our patients in Davidson

Denture shifts and slip-offs are the biggest complaints about full dentures that often cause embarrassment for our patients. The fit of dentures goes beyond the physical appearance and also focuses on how the jaw and bite function together. That’s why we make sure that we get the right fit so our patients can avoid such unpleasant situations. 

Dr. Dastrup has extensive experience in creating dentures that help our patients have another chance to look and feel great. Full dentures consist of a pink resin base, designed to look like gums, and natural-looking denture teeth. 

Today’s advanced denture teeth come with many shade options that will match the patient’s age, hair color, facial structure, and gender. All of these factors are essential in the denture design that we suggest to them.

Keeping Your Teeth In Place with Implant-Retained Dentures

Bone structure and the shape of the mouth of our patients determine if the dentures will stay in place and not cause any sores. However, bone loss eventually takes place after we lose our natural teeth. To prevent the progression of bone loss,  Dr. Dastrup introduces implant-retained dentures to our patients in Davidson.

We can place two to six dental implants that will provide a foundation for your denture and keep it in place. Implant-retained dentures eliminate the embarrassment that comes along with denture shifts and slip-offs and helps our patients feel more secure and confident with their new set of ‘teeth’.

Implant-Retained Dentures in Davidson

Dastrup Dental can bring back the life in your smile with the best dentures in Davidson

Stop missing out on the good things in life like eating any food you want and smiling without hesitation. Dastrup Dental provides full, partial,and implant-retained dentures in Davidson. Schedule an appointment now and invest in your true wealth – your health. 

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