Children's Dentistry in Davidson

Most of our adult patients often tell our Dastrup team that though we are nice people, our dental practice is not their favorite place to be. Don’t worry, we don’t take it personally. Instead, it inspired us to take a different approach in handling young patients so they won’t develop the same negative feelings about dentists and the dental practice.

Kids typically treat their dental visits as an adventure and an opportunity to get a prize for having their teeth checked. We love their enthusiasm and find it refreshing. 

The curiosity of the kids who come to Dastrup Dental energizes our dental practice and brightens our day, so it’s no surprise that we love treating children.

Your Child’s First Dental VisitChildren’s dentistry for infants in Davidson

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child make their first trip to the dentist around the time they develop their first tooth. For children at this age, their initial dental visit is as much about:

  • Checking their oral health and development 
  • Helping them become comfortable going to the dentist

Dr. Dastrup will perform an oral exam and have a discussion with parents about good oral home care, how to take care of their little one’s gums, and what to expect in the coming year. We can also use this opportunity to talk about habits such as bottle use, thumb sucking, and nutrition.

Meeting Kids Where They’re At

Kids are all different, and we approach pediatric dentistry with that in mind. As needed, and with your child’s cooperation, we will introduce dental cleanings, x-rays, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants to ensure that your child grows up with healthy teeth and gums.

We always use the language that your child will understand and move at their pace, so they never develop any negative feelings about trips to our dental practice.

Baby Teeth Are Important

Baby teeth are important in having better permanent teeth

Baby teeth provide the blueprint for the development of healthy permanent teeth, so taking care of them is important. Baby teeth act as guides for the proper eruption of secondary teeth and act as a placeholder so there is plenty of room for their adult teeth to grow.

If your child experiences decay, we will remove it gently and comfortably and provide tooth-colored fillings to preserve their baby teeth.

Oral Treatment As Your Child Grows

Kids are energetic and love to explore. Naturally, fun can lead to a few accidents along the way. If that happens and your child damages a tooth, we are here to help.

Children’s baby teeth determine the health of their permanent teeth

We support the changing needs of your kids from the time they are toddlers to their teen years and beyond. Dastrup Dental provides all stages of dentistry in our dental practice and we can support them as they grow. We hope to see your children’s kids in the future!

Schedule Your Child’s Next Dental Appointment With Us

Teaching oral care in the growing years of your child is a healthy habit that can stick with them as they get older. Dastrup Dental provides comprehensive dental services in Davidson ranging from children’s dentistry up to general and cosmetic dentistry geared for treating adults and elderly. 

We can take care and monitor your kid’s oral health as they grow older and be more like an extension of your family through the years. Our team can schedule an appointment for your whole family at once so you can make the most of your time with us. 

Call us now to learn more about your children’s treatment options and available schedule for your family.

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