Do You Offer Pediatric Dentistry Services?

Dr. Dastrup treats people of all ages! He loves kids! We will work in conjunction with Pediatric Dentists if necessary but we are able to complete routine checkups and most dental needs right here in our office!
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What Happens During A Child’s First Visit

During your first visit to Dastrup Dental, we will strive to make sure it a pleasant experience. We believe in letting our little patients get to know us and trust us. We will always allow parents to be in the room with their child and be given the opportunity to ask questions. It is important to start good oral early! We recommend setting up a visit for your little one as early as a year old. This early visit will allow your team to help teach parents how to properly care for their child’s teeth, and what to expect as they have a mouth full of teeth. Give our Davidson, NC dental office a call today if you’ve got more questions about your child’s first visit!
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