Why do I need a root canal?

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Most people need a root canal because they have developed an infection deep in the root of their tooth. This usually causes a toothache that becomes painful quite quickly, sending people to the dentist in an urgent situation.

At our Davidson, NC practice, we perform many root canals with an experienced, gentle touch. This tooth-saving procedure has received a bad rap through the years; it is no more painful than getting a common tooth filling.

How We Determine If You Need A Root Canal

If you do come in because of a toothache, Dr. Joseph Dastrup will first conduct an examination and take x-rays to determine whether you need a root canal before starting the procedure. If he discovers that you do, he’ll numb the area so you won’t feel anything while he performs the treatment, which entails removing the infection pulp and nerves from the tooth, rinsing it with antibiotics, and plugging and sealing the tooth root. Although the area might be tender for a few days, your toothache pain will be alleviated.

For most patients, he recommends a dental crown to protect the remaining tooth structure which has the potential to be brittle without the living portion of the root. The dental crown will ensure you regain full function of the tooth. Contact our office today if you’ve got questions about root canals, or other procedures. 

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