Can you make dentures that don't move when I eat?

ll-fitting dentures plague some patients, causing sores and embarrassing moments when enjoying a delicious meal or laughing with friends. The truth is, due to certain biological conditions, fitting dentures properly can pose a challenge. You need enough of a bony ridge to hold your denture in place when chewing and speaking. If you have suffered from bone loss or lost your teeth at a younger age, your bony ridge may not provide enough support to keep your denture stable. Pastes and adhesives are not a recommended long-term solution.
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Our Solution To Moving Dentures

Dr. Joseph Dastrup offers a solution that allows denture patients to enjoy stability. Implant-retained dentures lock in place and can only be removed when you release them. By placing 2 to 6 dental implants on your upper or lower arch, we can secure your denture in place.

This option opens the door to a greater quality of life for our patients by making a more varied diet possible and eliminating awkward situations that may limit you socially.

Dr. Dastrup places dental implants right in our Davidson, NC dental office. If you feel you could benefit from implant-retained dentures, contact us to schedule an evaluation and take an important step toward a reliable and comfortable smile.

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