What Is A Porcelain Crown?

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Dental crowns are used to seal and protect a weakened or broken tooth.  Teeth become weakened once the fillings in a tooth become too large or when cracks develop in the tooth.  A crown will seal the tooth and protect it from breaking. Crowns may also be used to restore proper function if you have severely worn a tooth or multiple teeth.   Got more questions on dental crowns? Give Dastrup Dental in Davidson, NC a call.

The foundation is often called a build-up. After the foundation has been created, we can prepare the tooth for the crown and create a mold of the prepared tooth to make your crown. We will make you a temporary crown to wear while your permanent crown is made. You will return in about two weeks and we will remove your temporary crown and make sure your final crown fits well and looks great before we cement it permanently. Dr. Dastrup prefers all Porcelain Crowns. Porcelain crowns allow your teeth to be beautiful, natural-looking, and completely metal-free. These restorations provide all the necessary strength, without detracting from the beauty of your smile. Give our office a call if you’ve got more questions about porcelain crowns in Davidson, NC. 

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