Dr. Joseph Dastrup, DDS

Dr. Joseph Dastrup of Dastrup Dental in Davidson
Dr. Joseph Dastrup graduated from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in 2009. Following graduation, he was accepted into a highly competitive surgical and comprehensive dental residency through the Baltimore Veterans Affairs Hospital. His training included managing patients with complex medical histories, surgical training in implant placement, bone grafting procedures, extractions, root canals, and treating and restoring complex dental cases. Dr. Dastrup continues to seek knowledge from the most respected leaders in the fields of cosmetic, aesthetic, and restorative dentistry. He attends several prestigious study club meetings per month along with many other courses and trainings each year. He is kind and compassionate and believes in educating his patients thoroughly and then letting patients decide what treatment best fits their needs. He finds fulfillment in offering hope and confidence to those who previously held inhibitions related to their dental health.
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