The village store, Downtown Davidson

Resources in Davidson, NC

Are you looking for a great dental practice, entertainment spots, and interesting places in Davidson? This article discusses the best resources in Davidson and where they are located.

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Davidson College, Davidson

History of Davidson

Learning your local history will increase your cultural awareness and moral understanding of the time you live in. Also, knowing your town’s history gives you bragging rights and makes you a certified resident. You can’t claim to be a bonafide resident of Davidson without knowing about its origin. As a family dental dentist in Davidson,

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top 10 things to do in davidson, nc

Top 10 Things to Do in Davidson, NC

Welcome to Davidson, a town in Lake Norman, North Carolina. Founded in the 1800s with the establishment of Davidson College, the town was originally known as simply “Davidson College.” Aside from the college, the town revolved around cotton production.  Today, Davidson is more than the college and cotton mills. As a family dentist in Davidson,

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protect your oral health amid covid-19 with dastrup dental in davidson

Protecting Your Oral Health Amid Covid-19

Although dental care may not be the first thing on your mind during the Covid-19 pandemic, good oral hygiene is an important part of preventing cavities, periodontal disease, and tooth loss. Additionally, a healthy oral cavity helps protect your overall health.  Although your sense of normal may have changed and many things are out of

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improve your breathing with airway dentistry

Improve Your Breathing with Airway Dentistry

Did you know that improper breathing affects your mood, your sleeping habits, and your general daily life? Did you know that your dentist does more than check your teeth and gums? He can also assess your airway to ensure you are breathing properly. Airway dentistry addresses and treats common problems such as bruxism, tongue tie,

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are dental implants worth it?

Dental Implants: Are They Worth it?

As much as we want to maintain our natural teeth, trauma, illness, or poor oral hygiene can lead to tooth loss. Missing teeth detract from a beautiful smile and can cause additional dental problems.  Dr. Joseph Dastrup understands the importance of a healthy, complete smile. Dental implants restore the smile and replace missing teeth. But,

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keep your smile bright amid COVID-19 with teeth whitening

Keep Your Smile Bright Amid COVID-19 with Teeth Whitening

At Dastrup Dental in Davidson, we understand the importance of a winning smile. A beautiful smile boosts your confidence and helps you make a great impression. With many of us working from home and doing video chats, there is more emphasis on the face and smile. Teeth whitening to keep your smile bright amid the

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what is teledentistry

Teledentistry: Providing Dental Health During Coronavirus Quarantine

Maybe you’ve heard of telehealth. It’s a buzz word that describes a new way to deliver healthcare. There is a growing shift towards virtual care, and with the current COVID-19 pandemic requiring people to self-isolate, this method of healthcare delivery has become even more important. Telehealth embraces various systems, tools, and modes of healthcare delivery

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Mom Brushing Her Daughters Teeth | Children's Dentist Davidson NC


At Dastrup Dental, we treat your child’s dental experience like a mini adventure, which includes prizes for brushing! It is our goal to ease your child’s fears and instill in him or her a love of coming to the dentist. We pride ourselves on being a children’s dentist and a dentist for adults. Another goal?

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Children Smiling | Preventing Cavities With Children | Dentist Davidson NC


Cavities are one of the most common ailments children encounter. Decay in baby teeth can result in a lost tooth, which puts the permanent teeth at risk for misalignment when they erupt. Fortunately, tooth decay is highly preventable! It’s a great idea to look into children’s dentistry in Davidson, NC when your child is very

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