General & Preventive Dentistry in Davidson

Dr. Joseph Dastrup became a dentist so that he could do something meaningful for the people of his community. Part of that commitment is treating the families of Davidson, NC the same way he wants his family to be treated – with honesty and respect.

The foundation for healthy smiles begins with quality general and preventive dentistry.

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Dental Exams and Cleanings
The best insurance for a healthy smile is regular, reliable dental care.

Dr. Dastrup’s commitment to oral health is apparent from your very first visit to our office. He will thoroughly examine the health of your teeth, gums, and bite and follow his exam with a discussion about anything that requires your attention so that you can make important choices for the future health of your smile.

Diagnostic x-rays are an important part of your regular care. We take periodic x-rays to identify decay, infection, bone loss, and other oral health conditions.

We design our dental cleanings to keep your gums free from infection. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reports that up to 65 percent of adults suffer from gum disease. This not only puts your smile at risk, but also your heart. Our dental hygienists are thorough and gentle, and they love educating patients on how to stay healthy.

Our dental cleanings focus on what your current needs require. If you develop gum disease, our targeted dental cleanings will help you get back on track. We can treat many periodontal infections here at Dastrup Dental without requiring a referral to a periodontist.
general dentist davidson nc

Durable Restorative Dentistry

Few adults will escape the need for at least one filling during their lifetimes. Fillings repair a tooth after minor damage or decay.

We offer esthetic, tooth-colored fillings to blend in with your smile and always make sure your tooth is numb before we begin.

Dental crowns repair damaged teeth. The damage may come from trauma, like an accident or biting into something hard, or it could come from deep decay, which compromises the structure of your tooth. Like our dental fillings, our crowns are metal-free and complement your smile.

Putting Patients First

Whenever possible, we offer conservative treatment options so our patients have realistic choices.

We also provide the highest level of care for every patient – not only while you are in the dental chair, but with all your interactions in our office. We believe in long-term relationships and achieve that by developing trust and standing by the work we provide. Dr. Dastrup is known for his conservative treatment options.

We welcome your entire family to our Davidson, NC dental office. From your toddler to your grandparents, we design our dentistry to meet your family’s needs. You can count on our team to treat your family with respect and to make your dental appointments fun and even enjoyable.

Call Us for Your Next Dental Exam

Whether you are new to town and you need a new dentist or it’s been awhile since your last dental appointment, we are here to help you achieve your goals for your oral health and the appearance of your smile.

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