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Many of our patients recollect their grandparents’ dentures in glasses of water by the nightstand and the fascination of examining them, magnified and too white. Part of what prevents many patients from seeking dentures as a solution to missing teeth are those memories of the boxy and false-looking smiles.

Our dentures look amazing and fit comfortably!

Esthetic Dentures Make Beautiful Smiles

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We love giving our patients great news about advancements in dentistry. Dentures today are realistic, natural-looking custom creations designed just for you. We design dentures that look like teeth you could have been born with because we understand the value of having a beautiful smile.

Of course, comfort and function are both important because eating a healthy diet is an essential part of your overall health. A soft-food diet eliminates some of the healthiest foods, but properly designed dentures allow you eat a wider variety of foods like meat, fresh vegetables, and fruit.

Partial Dentures to Complete Your Smile

When you still have healthy natural teeth, Dr. Dastrup can use your natural teeth to anchor a partial denture. In the case of partial dentures, we strive to match the appearance to your natural teeth so that your smile blends esthetically.

Partial dentures offer many options for the base – lightweight pink resin, durable metal, and even flexible bases. Dr. Dastrup will discuss these choices and help you decide what will give you the best results based on your preference, oral health, and lifestyle.

Comfortable Complete Dentures

complete and partial dentures davidson nc

One of the big complaints about complete dentures is that they often shift and cause embarrassment. Dentures that fit properly require understanding about how the jaw and bite function together; otherwise, results are less than ideal. Dr. Dastrup is experienced in denture creation and provides our patients with a new lease on life with dentures that look and feel great.

Complete dentures consist of a pink resin base, designed to look like your gums, and natural-looking denture teeth. Today’s denture teeth look attractive because they come in so many shade options that consider your age, hair color, facial structure, and even your gender. All of these factors play a role in the design we suggest.

Implant-Retained Dentures for Greater Security

For some patients, dentures just don’t provide the stability they expect. Bone loss, your bone structure, and the shape of your mouth determine whether your complete dentures will stay where they belong without creating sores.

At our Davidson, NC dental office, Dr. Dastrup offers a solution. Placing two to six dental implants will provide a foundation for your denture to lock in place. This eliminates embarrassment and food mishaps due to a denture that moves. Patients really appreciate the additional confidence implant-retained dentures provide.

If you have had trouble with dentures in the past, we offer a realistic solution that will give you reliability.

Are You Tired of Missing Teeth?

Give us a call and set up a time to discuss your goals with Dr. Dastrup. He will have some great ideas about helping you smile and eat confidently again.

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